7.2.2 Release notes

7.2.2: Bug fix release

The key fix here is that the occasional wierd glitch wherein a entry could not be edited in the entry page has (after like 3 years) finally be found and fixed!

Also fixed is issue viewing scoring reports with Javascore when it has been installed onto a Windows network drive.

7.1 Release Notes

This is a significant new release that implements a general multi-stage capability and features to support competition formats being used by the 2013 Sailing World Cup. It also has been upgraded to use Java 7 ( hence the '7' in the release), and includes a few other features.

New features:

  • Initial support for multi-stage events. This generalizes and extends the idea that an event may have several different "stages" - a qualifying stage, a Gold/Silver stage, a Medal stage, a QuarterFinals or other stages. Each stage has its own scoring options, and options for how to bring forward information from previous stages for handling scoring, tiebreakers, or excluded races.
    • A "qualifying" stage can be re-split into new qualifying divisions based on boat's current position (Split on Seeding).
    • A stage can be split into new stages with boats advancing to the new stages based on their ranking
    • A stage (other than the first stage) can have a "carryover" race created in which the new stage has a race in which boats' rank from the previous stage is their score in the "carryover" race.
    • See the help for the stage panels for additional information
  • Ability to set custom A and B Factors for PHRF Time on Time scoring - In the preferences panel, you can now specify custom A/B factors to be used for PHRF Time on Time events. You can also use the standard US Sailing wind-based recommended factors in the Advanced Options for each Race
  • Support for 2013-2016 RRS Appendix A scoring - this does not actually involve much other than changing the name. The list of penalties changes a bit, but otherwise there were no significant changes to Appendix A scoring in the new rulebook
  • Bug in time-based penalties fixed- Assigned time-based penalties either on elapsed time or correct time now work. Use a negative time to give a time-credit
  • Penalty panel adds DPI and is laid out slightly differently - the penalty page was updated to the newest list of penalties. The layout of the panel was also modified to make it a bit clearer how to set a penalty "nickname" to penalties.
  • New scoring option - ability to set the score for the boat in first place - this is needed to support the SWC events where they sometimes have the first place boat get 0 points.
  • Bugs fixed in Race panel - the internal panel assigning starting divisions and their start times has been completely re-written to avoid problems with the rows re-ordering and things going haywire. This should be much improved.
  • Problems with text fields that cannot be edited vastly improved - this has been a growing problem with newer versions of Java. Every now and then, you could not click on a text field and enter any data. I finally identified it and (I hope) fixed it. The WORKAROUND - should it recur - is to click on any other dialog (inside or outside of javascore) and then click back.
  • One button upload to ISAF If the ISAF event and division ids are set correctly, you can now upload results to ISAF with one button - See File | Upload results to ISAF. You can also export results in ISAF "XRR" format to a file.

Known Issues

  • Javascore makes a bit of an effort to convert older Javascore regattas with gold/silver/medal splits into the new multi-stage format - but it is buggy and limited in its scope. The races, divisions, and finishes all get converted, but the assignment of divisions to stages, and the settings of the stages is buggy and limited. If you open an older qualifying regatta in Javascore 7. Carefully go through each stage to make sure all the scoring parameters are as they should be, that each stage's "previous stage" is correct, and that the correct divisions are assigned to the correct stage.
  • Also when doing a multi-stage event, the automated setting of scoring options for stages is preliminary. Check them carefully.
  • The "in-app" upload of results to ISAF is in its infancy. Results will be uploaded, but with minimal feedback. If you have not coordinated the upload with ISAF, then all uploads are put on "hold" at ISAF until reviewed by a staff member.
  • Occasionally, in the entry panel, the grid for entering crews does not appear. Exiting/restarting Javascore will usually resolve this. A better fix is under evaluation.
  • Not all of the help and user documetion has been updated yet.




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