Since Javascore is an OpenSource program.  Developers other than Sandy are welcome.  

To be effective you need to know Java and Eclipse.  While the code is written with an effort to keep it legible and maintainable, I'm not perfect in my documentation and have not be perfectly consistent in conventions.

Nor is there any overall introductory documentation for the code.  I welcome anyone who would like to contribute some

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I am keeping the latest working copy of source code on the SourceForge site to make it easier for developers to work together and communicate.  The source code and other supporting files are all stored there in a SVN repository, which will allow other developers to access the latest in-progress build as well as submit modifications for the primary build.

If you are interested in helping develop JavaScore, I suggest you visit and set yourself as a developer.

JavaScore is already registered as a project there:


JavaScore is a sailboat regatta scoring program that runs on multiple platforms, including Windows, Unix/Linux, and Macintosh (OS X) computers..


Got problems installing or other questions? Check out the FAQ. Also context-sensitive help is installed with JavaScore, click on the arrows or look for it on the menu bar

Report a bug

Click here to go to the SourceForge JavaScore site to report a bug


Click here to go to the SourceForge JavaScore site to report a bug


Want to join (or quit) the Javascore mailing list? Click Here to go to Javascore's open source host and sign yourself up


I welcome people willing to put the effort into translating JavaScore into other languages. For more information, click here


JavaScore is an Open Source project under the GNU General Public License

Additional developers on JavaScore are welcome, please click here for more information

Please send suggestions and comments to

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