Java Score - Stage Panel

Contains descriptive information about the current stage. It is only visible for multi-stage events.

Name: the name of the Stage.

Is Qualifying: Select this if the entries in the stage are sailing qualifying series in which they are split into multiple starts, and periodically regrouped, but are scored for the stage series as a single group. Example, a large Laser fleet is split into Blue and Yellow fleets. See also Divisions | Split by Seeding on the main Javascore menu.

Stage Rank: This tells Javascore how to order the stages when it assigns boats their overall regatta ranking. For example, all boats in the Gold fleet are generally ranked better in the regatta than boats in the Silver fleet. A large number in the stage rank, means a better regatta ranking.

Previous Stage: Specifies the previous stage that boats in this stage race. Used for determining carry-over races for calculating series scores, tie-breakers, and discards. A value of "None" means that this is the first stage of the event.

Score Carry Over Specifies how scores from the previous stage are carried-over into this stage:

Throwout Carry Over If the stage may have one or more excluded races, this determines how races from previous stage(s) are included:

Tiebreak Carry Over - Determines how scores from a previous stage can be carried over for tiebreaking purposes.

Scoring Options Panel - The scoring options panel sets the scoring options for this stage. See Scoring Options Panel for details.