Release 7.5.5 - summer 2017

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  • Updates scoring to RRS 2017-2020:
    • Minor change to how scoring penalties are calculated in RRS 44.3(c)
    • Added new UFD penalty (RRS 30.3)
  • Updates Annapolis YC's Wed Night Racing and Frostbite scoring
  • Fixes several bugs in Pursuit scoring
  • Added option to have TLE of finishers+2 to max out at number of entries (instead of DNF)
  • Clears out (I hope) odd bugs such as:
    • where ability to edit crew name information did not work
    • NoFins showing up in the finish list

Install directions:  Download the installer file, then make sure you have Java installed.  Then run the Javascore installer by double-click'ing on the installer file.  Follow the prompts, and life will be grand.

Source code for this release is here: javascore-src-7.5.5.jar


This release requires use of Java version 7 or later.  If you don't have Java 7 yet, click on the links to the right and follow the instructions. Install the new Java first - THEN run the new Javascore installer.

Make sure you have administrator access!

NOTE: for ALL users (Windows, Mac, Linux) you now execute (double-click)  "Javascore-install-x.xx.xx.jar".  And THEN to run javascore after installing it... double click on "JavaScore.jar" file in the installation directory or (WINDOWS only) click on the shortcut on your desktop (if you asked for it during the install). 

The shortcut installation only works with Windows. Sorry I can't (yet) create a shortcut for Macs.... double click on the "JavaScore.jar" file to run javascore.


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Click here to go to the SourceForge JavaScore site to report a bug


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