Release 7.5.1 - June 22, 2016

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  • Improvements to PHRF Time-on-Time scoring
    • several bug fixes,
    • now can automatically convert between Time-on-Distance ratings and Time-on-Time ratings
    • can now change the A-Factor or B-Factor by individual race
  • Pursuit racing now supported
    • Give the desired time of the first start and the distance of the race and a report of all boats' start times will be created
    • Also supports corrected times if you have to shorten a pursuit race after starting it
  • Windsurfing tiebreakers (RRS B8) and no tiebreaker at all now supported
  • Improvements in intuitiveness (I hope) for handicap division low and high ratings. Have change to new terminology - now a division has a slowest and a fastest rating.
  • Fixed a bug in handling scoring penalties in the AYC Wednesday Night scoring system
  • Fixed a glitch in the installer for Mac so that the default install directory is now a valid Mac directory

Install directions:  Download the installer file, then make sure you have Java installed.  Then run the Javascore installer by double-click'ing on the installer file.  Follow the prompts, and life will be grand.

To download the source code for this release, click here.

This release requires use of Java version 7 or later.  If you don't have Java 7 yet, click on the links to the right and follow the instructions. Install the new Java first - THEN run the new Javascore installer.

Make sure you have administrator access!

NOTE: for ALL users (Windows, Mac, Linux) you now execute (double-click)  "Javascore-install-x.xx.xx.jar".  And THEN to run javascore after installing it... double click on "JavaScore.jar" file in the installation directory or (WINDOWS only) click on the shortcut on your desktop (if you asked for it during the install). 

The shortcut installation only works with Windows. Sorry I can't (yet) create a shortcut for Macs.... double click on the "JavaScore.jar" file to run javascore.


JavaScore is a sailboat regatta scoring program that runs on multiple platforms, including Windows, Unix/Linux, and Macintosh (OS X) computers..


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Click here to go to the SourceForge JavaScore site to report a bug


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