5.6.3 Release notes.

Bug fix release:

  • fixes significant bug in release 5.6.02 in start/finish times
  • fixes issue where you could not "insert" characters in the middle of many text fields

Previous Releases:


  • support for ISAF's "XRR" xml export format, version 1.3;
  • fixed bug in entering redress points
  • fixed bug in "medal race" options
  • fixed bug in foreign language handling


New Features / Bug fixes from Sourceforge's trackers: (click on item's summary to see details)

Request # Summary (click for details)
2120937 Add after race scoring penalty
2011685 Add Division to report column options
2918379 Medal race tiebreaker should apply only to medal race racers
2120937 Finish order column is corrected not raw
2011685 Add Division to report column options
2339501 "Time Behind" Column
2120951 add DPI penalty ability
1602558 more Mac install issues - browser link
1258638 tied boats one w/ scoring pen - both pts wrong
993504 Import results needs "append" and >9 races


  •  Now requires use of Java 5.0 (end users won't see much although the interface is a bit nicer, but it makes the developers' lives much easier).
  •  Added support for new Olympic scoring requirements: changing the "weight" of a race, and making a race non-discardable.
  •  Fleet splitting for qualification and finals series much improved many bugs in it fixed.
  •  Glitch in crew names list with names bouncing around fixed.
  •  Installer program modified, no more "black screen" on Windows, now works on Mac
  •  Snipe class scoring bug corrected, fractional scores now round up to next whole number
  •  Bug in Dragon Iceboat tiebreaker fixed.

Specific Bug Fixes from Sourceforge's trackers: (click on item's summary to see details)

Request ID Summary Open Date
1429023 Name swapping 2006-02-10 06:09
1341851 IRC default min/max backwards  2005-10-29 15:01
 988736 fleet split dialog, cancel dont work  2004-07-10 22:03
 988732 when no gold race, DNC calc is wrong  2004-07-10 21:54
 1153117 Change start date/time of races doesnt properly reorder races  2005-02-27 18:05
 1406319 Support olympic medal race "nondiscardable"  2006-01-14 22:49
 1406317 Support olympic medal race "weighting"  2006-01-14 22:45



Major new features:

  •  Support for IRC handicapping system
  •  Scoring upgraded to 2005-2008 Racing Rules of Sailing
  •  Improved support for Gold/Silver fleet splits for large one-design fleets - with ability to auto-split the fleet, and carry scores from qualifying into the final series.

Minor new features:

  •  patch 03, switch to new standalone installation scheme (VAInstall) 
  •  You can now enter as many crew names as you want
  •  You can now Import entry data either replacing previous entries, or appending to existing entries

Bug Fixes: (click on item's summary to see details)


Request ID Summary Open Date
1274699  Browser access to Firefox and new MacOS not working   2005-08-27 13:08
1261565 Move between divisions with subdivs caused bad scoring   2005-08-16 22:22
1215117 Single race - OCS shows fin pos as fleet not class   2005-06-05 07:50
988731 boats not in a division cause fin dialog to hang   2004-07-10 21:50
1215121 Delete/reinsert finishes not clearing out old info properly   2005-06-05 07:52
1226607 Skipper/crew names swapping?   2005-06-23 17:33
932880 Integrate new German language pack   2004-04-10 13:24
584514 delete entry w/ no prompt if no races   2002-07-21 10:37

Version 4.3.1 (01)

Request ID Summary Open Date
1215116 IRC import glitch   2005-06-05 07:49
1157928 Title bar not updated after import   2005-03-06 16:50
1157927 Entries report - add fleet size   2005-03-06 16:50
1157925 No empty finish error - reproducible now!   2005-03-06 16:48
1118282 Set Final, greys out Show Reports   2005-02-07 19:06
1074695 TAYC OCS points/pos numbers wierd   2004-11-28 11:20
1074694 multiple error boxes on dup sail/bow   2004-11-28 11:18
988740 missing helps   2004-07-10 22:08
988738 too many subdivisions in entry dialog on one row   2004-07-10 22:06
775405 Renaming a subdivision, does not update Entry screen   2003-07-21 22:08
766918 problems with file naming extra ~~~?   2003-07-06 22:06



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